Duckster Quiz

Duckster Quiz

Your goal:                                                         

Complete tasks on the game sheet to connect all three sides. Completed sheets can be entered into a draw. The more tasks you complete, the bigger the chance to win. Hand over the game sheet before 16:00 (4pm) at the online-shop stand. The draw will take place at 16:30 (4.30pm)           


Connecting 3 sides: 1 draw ticket

15-21 completed tasks: 2 draw tickets

22-28 completed tasks: 3 draw tickets



Task number

Task description


Find a geocacher with a stamp portraying an animal and stamp it on your game sheet. **


The keyword hides on the other bank. Are you going to use the binoculars, or are you going to swim?


The court of honour includes many statues by Matthias Bernard Braun. How many are there?


Participate in the mob event and discover the keyword through the web page.


Visit the Duck car and find the vehicle's tracking code.


Try your Angeln/fishing skills to get the stamp for your game sheet.


How many ducks are inside the bottle? Take a guess.


Call the mobile number to find out the keyword.


Compile and contact the correct email address. You'll get a reply with the keyword.


According to the year above the entrance, when were the stables built? **


Visit the fishing pond stage and try to catch your stamp.


Shoot the bazooka and find the keyword.


Try your skills at the Big Slingshooting range and get the stamp.


Scan the NFC chip with your phone and write the keyword onto your gamesheet.


Try your skills at the T5 stage and get a stamp. A ladder is available for those who don't fancy treeclimbing.


Complete a task at the childminding corner and be rewarded with a stamp.


How many fallen soldiers' names are on the World War 1&2 memorial? **


How many times do they say "cakhna" (duck) in the video?


If you get a bit wet, Archimedes will give you the keyword.


How many animal heads are there on the coat of arms on the park's gate? **


How many organisers are working at the Mega Event? Write the numer. **


Solve the Morse code and transcribe the keyword onto your game sheet.


How many crows are there on the U Havrana community centre's door? **


Shoot down the cans at the Small Slingshooting range to get a stamp.


Write down a trackable car's code. * **


Recognise different types of wood at the Dendrological quiz to get a stamp.


Find a trackable dog and write down the code. * **


Find a geocacher with a trackable stamp and stamp it on your game sheet. **


* The trackable's profile must clearly state what item it belongs to.

** Virtual stage



  • The game runs from 10:00 till 16:00 (10am - 4pm) on April 20th.
  • The game consists of a total of 28 tasks.
  • Most tasks are designed to show players around the Mega Event's area.
  • Tasks are numbered 1-28 and they form a triangle-shaped game sheet.
  • Each number represents a task that is either virtual (can be completed anywhere) or requires the visit of a physical location (marked on the map).
  • After completing a physical location, a staff member will stamp your game sheet or give you a keyword to write down.
  • Answers for virtual tasks need to be written on the corresponding game field.
  • The goal of the game is to connect 3 sides of the triangle by completing tasks.
  • (any similarity with the Czech A-Z quiz game is purely coincidental)
  • Completing this task will award you one ticket for the draw.
  • Should you wish to increase your change to win, complete more tasks (15-21 tasks: 2 tickets, 22-28 tasks: 3 tickets)
  • Hand over your game sheet by 16:00 (4pm) at the online-shop stand.
  • The first 50 players who hand over their game sheets will get a special CWG (woodcoin).
  • The draw will take place at 16:30 (4.30pm) at the Mega Event's posted coordinates.
  • You must be present at the draw to receive your prize. We do not ship prizes.
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